Friday, April 21, 2006


What should have happened but didn’t, was the letting go of the Fluff. In my mind I was having one last hurrah, a sweet parting of ways before I was going to embark on a “no sugar” retreat. I considered writing about this decision but it seemed too early to tell and besides, my left hand was tightly clenched around two chocolate bars and the right one was manhandling a chocolate scone. For starters I gave up chocolate for Lent. This might have been part of the problem. I was feeling prematurely triumphant as well as a little arrogant about the whole affair. Initially I thought that giving up chocolate would be equivalent to chopping off my left arm, I need it and besides-- it would be painful. The time passed easily enough, so easily that I confidently announced that I should make the next commitment, to give up sugar with no clear end in sight. Well, this week was the result of celebrating my reunion with the cacao bean and preparing for the upcoming departure of the cane. It has been a time of sugary excess on top of a pile of chocolate with strangely enough, turkey sausage on the side. I will admit that my breakfast for the last 3 days has showcased a chocolate scone studded with peanut butter chips and butter and fluff alternating as sidekicks. It has also been a week of cheesecake and fudge chocolate raspberry bars. I am so clearly backblogged! My biorhythms are out of step with my blogorhythm and the writing, food making and picture taking for FOODChair are completely out of sync with each other; so that while I am eating sugar filled goodies I am attempting to write about the detox benefits of seaweed. Next week I hope to make and photograph banana bread, while tonight I hope to get a decent picture of the hijiki. “Say Cheese!"


Mighty Mouse said...

Give up chocolate for Lent?! I'd rather cut off my right arm (LOL). Giving up sugar is a tough one. Seems to me you'd have to read all the ingredients on all the food that you buy to make sure you're not getting any. Star, it's getting harder for me to read that "tiny print". Can you picture me with a pair of reading glasses hanging on the tip of my "ethnic" nose? For breakfast tomorrow, I'm gonna look for a chocolate scone with peanut butter chips. I don't think I've seen one of those here in SF -- at least not at my usual places.

Callipygia said...

mighty mouse- the inspiration for the scone was one from Arizmendi x'cept w/ dried cherries. I balked at the thought of a chocolate scone, until I tasted it & was humbled. I would send a friend regularly by to find it again...and they seemed to never have it around. I can forward a recipe if you want.