Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Cleaning and Fluff

It has happened every year since I graduated from college, another rite of passage into adulthood: annual Spring Cleaning. In those inchoate years, this ritual did not amount to much more than a regular cleaning. I was too newly released from the shackles of academia to spend time fussing over, polishing or organizing my belongings. Owning precious little did not hurt my foot loose and fancy free cause either. I was busy living and quite content wearing slightly dirty clothing in a dusty old apartment. In the spring of 92’ I befriended a woman who later became both mentor and soul friend. S_ had a sweet little house in Oakland and an enchanted garden out back in which we spent many magical hours. In a short time it became clear that the care of her possessions was a reflection of her gratitude for them. There was an elegant simplicity and a beauty to her home that I worked hard to imitate and still strive to emulate. Spring is now a time to peer into the closet and the cupboard, open the refrigerator and spill the spoils.

What do I have? How did I get it? Do I want it? and Is it still viable?

Having gone through two big moves in the past three years, one would think that I am up to snuff with my stuff. A quick survey has me surmising that:

a) I have a fear that grocery stores will run out of frozen edamame beans. I have 3 very old bags, 1 unopened and 2 in different stages of use and abuse.

b) My body may break out in boils or carbuncles. I have enough herbal poultices and brews at the helm to cure a small army.

c) Stevie Nicks may want to borrow some of my clothing and I want to be ready. Thanks to a year working at Darbury Stenderu, fiber artist extraordinaire my closet groans with sumptuous velvet.

d) I have a Dr. Jekyll & Hyde diet. Ounce per ounce, I match hijiki to jelly beans, Pure Synergy to Marshmallow Fluff. Something has got to give, it is either me or the fluff...

So as a parting nod to the pretty white number in satin chiffon, we will dance one final twirl around the floor as the lights dim…

Grilled fluffernutter sandwich:

2 slices of 9 grain bread (who am I kidding?)
Healthy slather of Hannaford’s crunchy peanut butter (incidentally the best PB I have ever had, it is quite salty and chock full of peanut nuggets)
A liberal coat of the Fluff

Grill to golden perfection, appreciate the oozing goodness and devoutly devour.


woof said...

I suppose the 9 grain served a purpose ... as both platform and vehicle to whisk away the guilt. It looks decadent and a tad scary. But I am sure quite delicious!

Callipygia said...

Woof-Fluff on Everything!

sher said...

Good Lord! I'm trying to stay on my diet! Why did I look at this!!!!!!!